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 Virtual Content - Prim Based Content

    Prim Based Content is defined as anything that is a Prim Based Object within any VWIPA Participating Virtual World and that is of value and is traded or sold within a virtual world. Members can register unlimited amounts of this type of Virtual Content with all memberships, with no additional fees. Examples of Prim Based Content include Commercial and Residential Buildings, Furniture and Decorative Items, Avatar Appearence that is Prim Based such as Ribbons, Hair Ties, Flexi Skirts, Belts, Shoes, Flexi Hair, ect., and Landscaping and Garden Items.

  Participating Virtual Worlds of VWIPA will protect your ownership rights by removing unauthorized, disputed content.
Prim Content

Buildings Registration Yes
Furniture and Decorative Items Yes
Landscaping and Garden Items Yes
Flexi Clothes Yes
Flexi Hair Yes
Shoes Yes
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  The Virtual World IP Association is an online registry for virtual world intellectual property. This searchable public registry will easily document ownership of all types of virtual world intellectual property.
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